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Site News

14 Days Later….

….and there’s still nothing new here. Yeah I know. I got to where I was going back and forth about 4 hours drive away from home and have NOT been able to set up a permanent streaming/recording/editing station as of yet. I think the bouncing back and forth is done and I’m getting ready to settle into a routine. I WILL be streaming from twitch regularly, regardless of whether I have anything more than just the game stream going but it’s going to be there.

lots of news to cover on both the Fallout 76 and Battlefield fronts (fields, fronts? blah) so once that edit station gets squared away….

Site News

Twitch Set Up!

Got my twitch account all rigged up and tested a stream from the Xbox…   Seemed to go OK but I will need to tweak a lot.  Ordered a standalone streaming/recording device so there will likely be a lot of changes.    I may or may not have the mic on, but I will stream when I am playing from here on out.  Check me out at .   You can also find me on Twitter and Facebook, just check the icons in the upper right corner of the page….

Site News

Insert Coin

So hey, this is going to be my “gaming” website from here on out.  Yeah I know, but I figure I spend enough time behind the stick that it might be worth giving it a shot.  I will start streaming once I get set up, and I’ll post news and opinions from the games that I play and that interest me.  I’ll also be launching real soon now, since I’m psyched for that and I really don’t know why(!)

There will probably be posts about movies and music and other pop-culturey stuff that I do or see or whatever, just because.  Like it or don’t that parts up to you.

LMK what you think, good or bad.  I’m a big boy.  I can take it.