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Yay the NEW Fallout 76 DLC is out, “Wild Appalachia” and here’s a walk thru for the new quest “Wasted on Nuka-Shine”…. Enjoy


Fallout 76 – Patch 6 News – the 2019 PURGE

I made this video where I brag up my Two Shot Explosive finds, talk a bit about Patch 6 and the upcoming NEW CONTENT (finally!) ….. get into the big Duper Purge that happened today. (Payback is a biotch) … Did my new TSE’s survive? Find out….

Also check out my new intro… Its a work in progress… The new XBox avatar basically made that for me. Hope I’m not wrecking their TOS or anything.


Death From Above

Just completed the “Launch a Nuke” quest in Fallout 76. Here’s my brief review of the process:

  • Take lots of ammo, and lots of stimpaks. I am NOT a “good” gamer by any means, merely average, and I needed ALL of what I took. If I didn’t have my “All Rise” rocket sledgehammer I would have been screwed.
  • DO NOT SCRAP STUFF when you get to the Mainframe Cores section of the task. You will LOSE all the cores you just rebuilt and then you have to spend hours and wave after wave of level 50 bots looking for the replacements that are hidden around the rooms. Ugh.
  • DO USE to decrypt your launch codes. I went around and gathered all eight launch codes. I’m not positive I really needed to, but I didn’t want to get to the end and have it go “awww sorry you need the codes! bye now!” and me throw the controller across the room.

The image from this post is me watching the ensuing incineration from my CAMP overlooking the Whitespring Resort valley. I tried to get my kit together and then go farm some radgoodies but THEN FALLOUT CRASHED and I was done.

I’m just thankful it didn’t do it near the end of the launch process. It actually kicked me once real close to the beginning which wasn’t that big of a deal. If it would have been later after burning through a ton of ammo and stims I would have been royally PO’d. Bethesda, get this stability thing under control.

Now to see what’s next in the “Overseer” quest. I thought maybe that was part of the line there, but apparently not.


Fallout 76 Needs These Features

Got to thinking about this today for some reason.  Bethesda is missing a couple of MUST HAVE features in Fallout 76.  Here’s just what I came up with off the top of my head:

  • Social Media sharing from the Photo Gallery.  I play on XBox, and its kind of a pain to share an image.  Unless I’m missing something obvious that is.*  I have to take the pic in Fallout.  Then go in and screenshot the thing with XBox and have it upload to my One Drive.  I don’t use One Drive for jack, so being able to directly send these images to Facebook or Twitter or <insert social media site> would be killer.  (*Please let me know if I missed that day at Fallout School!)
  • Holiday events.  Now, yeah, I get that we’re dealing with a world-wide audience that may or may not celebrate the same pagan winter festivals everywhere.  But COME ON why oh WHY is there no Red Santa suit and hat in the game right now?  Why were there no Thanksgiving mutant turkeys roaming the wastelands in November at launch?  The game is set in the USA, it would only make sense.   Rename the Radstags as reindeer, give the legendaries a red nose or something cool….    Valentines Day and Easter are fast approaching, Bethesda.  We need some holiday themed stuff in there.  This is an “online service” type of deal, right?
  • Stability.  I’m just saying.  Nothing more frustrating than owning a workshop/settlement, getting all the collectors set up, and then KICK you’re out. 
  • COAL.  We are in West Virginia, right?  Let’s leave politicks aside, but that seems like a no-brainer to not have coal as an element or resource in the game, same as wood or lead or steel, etc.  That’s just me. 

I dunno, just a couple of things to kick this endeavor off.  I’m NOT one of these “everything sucks and is terrible” type of bloggers.  Just a friendly suggestion from your player base.  As if anyone will actually see this at all, lol. 

EDIT: aaaaaand not long after I post this, Bethesda updates the game and puts the Santa suit/hat and a couple other holiday doodads in there. Unfortunately the set is 2000 “atoms” so ouch, yeah, WTF man. Takes a little while to grind that in-game, or you fork over the real bucks for the fake bucks. Not happening for cosmetics, unless its really fricking cool stuff like Iron Maiden T-shirts for my character and stuff lol.